What happened to Google?

Many of you might have noticed that Google rolled out a new search engine layout.
This layout is clearly heading away from the old simplicity and incorporates a new sidebar.

What is this site about?

This sites is simply for the people who want to use the old google again and have no use for the new sidebar. You will not have to delete any cookies as other sites may have suggested.



User visits are just exploding. I know google changed basically hundreds of things in the last days.
I cannot keep up with creating the content for the new site at this pace but I promise before the end of the next month the site will be up and running! I may try to get the site online in about 10 days. A little more patience please. And thanks for your visit.


Since the demand for this blog is still high I decided to relaunch the whole thing.
I received a big number of emails - thank you all for that. The relaunch will basically
help everyone struggling with all the constantly occuring changes on google.

With the new blog I'll basically help you to hack google and customize it to your personal needs meaning:

changing the user interface - removing personal search - optimized image search - disable google tracking - disable keyboard navigation - optimizing search terms and operators - browser specific tools - and more...

I'll also add tutorials for different search scenarios and will always be open to your questions and suggestions.

Thanks for loving theoldgoogle



"Google Instant" is on the way but still only available to logged in gmail users.
If you want to know how to disable it. We will show you as soon as it goes live for the public.

Google just changed "Google Image Search" in a very drastic way.
There is currently no workaround or script that can revert these changes in any

Google just introduced "Google Backrounds"
A lot of people are very confused by these changes. Have a look below to remove the backround. We are beginning to ask us whats next google?

Again very sorry to tell you but
has stopped working. I am afraid you have to stick to plugins and scripts now.

I am very sorry to tell you that it is official!
Google spokesperson Nate Tyler was quoted as saying,
"We’re not offering a way to revert back to the old design."

read the whole article at

Want to remove the google backround?
click here

1. Using plugins and scripts
(constantly updated)

By using specific plugins/scripts you can permanently customize your google search and remove certain elements of your choice. You can even switch the "everything bar" on and off.

There is currently a rich choice of scripts out there. If you are not satisfied try to use one of the alternative scripts provided. Once plugins like greasemonkey are installed scripts can  be switched and tested very quickly.

Choose your Browser (click the text next to the icon)

Mozilla Firefox



Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

2. Alternatives
Here we are listing some solutions and workarounds found all over the internet.
They all are easy to use but we do not want to recommend them.

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3.New Link Alternatives
Due to some research conducted by "esscat" we are able to use some links now
to remove the sidebar. All of them result in less search results and are rather presented for test purposes here.

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If you have comments or suggestions please send an email to:
"ralom3 ( at )"