link alternatives

Link Solutions for testing purpose only 

Attention: Please refer to the problems section below before testing the links. Thanks!

1. Blackle-Neon -- pretty but no caches: (For fun only; see Problems) 

try here

2. "Old" Google with (mostly) right-hand ads

try here

3. "Old" Google with top/bottom ads -- but no caches

try here


* These all produce somewhat lower results-counts than regular google -- counts that can vary every 5 minutes or so, or that can repeat exactly but with differing search-times, even though done 12+ hours apart.

* Blackle-Neon (and Blackle itself) WEB-search counts are significantly (usually 7x) lower than the usual counts for the "Old" versions.

* The "Old" version counts are sometimes also just as low, or even a bit lower, but they also may drastically jump (7x up or down) when going to the next page, or searching again, or refreshing.

* As the many, many tests of these versions were done mostly in different Firefox tabs to explore configurations and compare results, cannot tell if these all interact with each other sometimes (in the browser, or worse, in the google-server), or if google-custom total-result-count is rather unstable -- but a few tests make the latter seem the most likely.

All credit goes to esscat (Thanks again)